We have sponsored a lot of events, athletes, fundraisers and sporting clubs over the years and there is a few dos & donts to asking and keeping sponsors on board.

How to get them on board?

– Introduce yourself in person or via phone first DO NOT post on facebook!! Have a chat to whoever answers then talk to the owner after (colleagues talk and if one doesn’t like your approach you won’t get far)

– Talk about how you can help & promote their business, not how they are helping you “your business coincides with our event and we would love your support and really think our target crowd are people who would be interested in your product/service”. We HATE when it feels like you are asking for free stuff!

– Offer them tickets as a little bonus – this makes them feel appreciated and also their friends might want to come so you bring in a new group of people.

How to keep them as long term sponsors?

– Send out a thankyou letter or poster & also thank them on your Facebook event or page, this is advertising for them so it makes their sponsorship more valuable. There is nothing worse than not getting a mention or thankyou when your hard earned dollars are given away but not appreciated.

– Purchase anything you can from them for the event and after. It is a “no, no” recieving sponsorship then purchasing from their competitor unless previously discussed.

– Don’t be difficult or picky, they are helping YOU. Be thankful for what they offer and remember they are giving up valuble time and money for you that they don’t have to.

Hopefully this helps you. If you want more tips & hints or have questions, leave a message below